Donate Cars Illinois : How to Donate Car there?

Donate Car Illinois – Most charities will be really happy to tow your car donation or the other vehicle donation such as a truck, boat, motorcycle and etc. Your donation can help and support their mission and of course, you can also get the tax deduction for that charitable donation. If you live in Illinois,Donate Cars Illinois

Donate Cars Illinois

below are some steps that you can follow in order to donate car Illinois.

  • Find a charity that accepts the car or vehicle donation. It is because not all charities accept the vehicle donation.
  • Verify the nonprofit status. Ensure that you verify the nonprofit status in which it is registered with the IRS.
  • Making the donation. Then, you have to complete the donation process with the kinds of charity that you choose. Most nonprofits will provide you with the tax receipt and it should include the charity’s contact and name. Besides that, don’t forget to confirm that you are making a donation for no cash value. If you were not accepting those things at the pickup time, make sure to follow it up immediately with the charity.

How to handle a title in donating car Illinois?

If you have the title and sure to sign it, fill out the information of odometer and give it to the tow driver at your donation time. Meanwhile, if you are in a process to get a new title, but you want to get rid of your car, make sure that the charity is being able to pick it up and store your car on their lot until you get your new title. One more thing to know about donate car Illinois is that you should not leave the old license plate on the car. You have the further option for it whether you want to destroy that old plates or store it.

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