How to Donate A Car in California

How to Donate A Car in California ? That is maybe a question that appears on the most people mind, especially for them who want to donate a car in California.

In addition, to donate a car or the other vehicles in California,

below are some steps that you can follow:

How to Donate A Car in California

  1. First of all, you have to submit an online car donation form or you can call a charity that you want. If you wish to claim that donation as the tax deduction, make sure that the chosen charity is recognized by IRS as the nonprofit organization.
  2. The tax receipt process is varied based on the agent that you trusted. The most important thing is that check the charity about that process.
  3. In the state of California, the license plate has to remain with the car or vehicle. In the other words, it should not be removed until the pickup process.
  4. The next step of how to donate a car in California is Filling the release of Liability. Make sure that you fill it right.
  5. If your car sells for more than $500, usually you will get tax paperwork and the amount will be varied based on several conditions.
  6. The last point is that you have to finish all the process based on when you want to claim your car donation tax deduction. The example is that if you want to claim it on your 2012 taxes, make sure that all process was done before December 31, 2012.

Those are the simple steps of how to donate a car in California.

You will not get any further problems as long as you follow the related steps above and make sure to ask everything that you want to know to the charity agent in California.

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